SAFETY De Luxe covers all guests staying at, or booked into, one of our campsites. If you need to make use of SAFETY De Luxe, call the ELITE CAMP site you are booked into immediately. We’ll take care of the rest. That covers…

On-site defibrillator

At all of Elite Camp’s sites you will find a defibrillator and staff trained to react if the worst happens. The defibrillator can be operated by anyone, providing extra reassurance at our campsites.

A defibrillator saves lives by giving an electric jolt that can get the heart pumping again. It performs an automatic test to establish whether the patient’s heart has stopped.

The defibrillator also provides instructions for administering artificial respiration and heart massage, which are important aspects of first aid for saving lives.

Roadside assistance in Denmark

Elite Camp has signed an agreement with Falck emergency services, which means that as a guest of our campsites, you are automatically well insured even as you leave the driveway at home. The agreement is called SAFETY De Luxe. It guarantees you assistance from Falck emergency services if anything unforeseen should happen to your car, your motor caravan, caravan, camp-let trailer or you and your family in connection with your camping holiday.

  • Transportation to the campsite or garage if your car breaks down
  • The supply of fuel and spare parts should it become necessary
  • Professional assistance and transportation with Falck to a hospital, doctor or treatment centre and  back to the campsite or your home in Denmark.
  • Transport home of vehicles and/or persons within the borders of Denmark